Friday, February 1, 2013

Welcome to my World

Hello Everyone (=^_^=) !

So this is my first blog about books ever *yay* ! To be honest, I've created this blog on the 1st of January on 2013 but I didn't know how to begin so it's only today that I write my first post (-_-)


I didn't know if my blog will be in French or in English or both, I decide this blog will be mainly in English (so I can practice to write in English ;-) ) but sometimes there will be some post in French but there will be an English translation just below I think!


I'm 18, and I read a lot of various kind of books, and I was wondering if my blog will be about Young Adult Novels or Adult Novels and finally I decide to do both ! But I think I'll mainly review YA novels and if I really did appreciate an Adult novel, there will be a review about it, but only if ;-) !


I'm a student in design, and I don't have a lot of spare time (which is dedicated basically to reading ;-) ) but I still wanted to share my love of books and maybe someday make some people discovers books like some bloggers did it for me ! And I also wanted to participate to some challenge, like the Goodreads challenge with a blog to remember every books I've read, so that's why this blog was created ! Now I think I'll post mainly on Friday and on the week-end ! And during vacation (which in France we have a lot, especially for students) there will be more posts than usual !


So like I said, I don't have a lot of spare time, and I've seen that a lot of blogger who post everyday a review, I don't know about their personal life, so about how much spare time they have to blog, but I think they're wonderful ! Sadly, it's not my case so usually it will be kind of mini-reviews maybe 3 a week, since I'll post mainly on the last 3 days of a week (^_^;) 


What I call special post is all the post in the middle of the week, like about a book I really loved and can't wait the end of the week to post a review about it, and all the kind of special event that a blogger can share, like "Cover Reveal" or "Blog Tour" or why not "Author Interview" that I hope someday I can post (^_^) ! And also some of my favorite weekly meme like "Stacking the Shelves", "Waiting on Wednesday", "Top Ten Tuesday", "Teaser Tuesday", I'll try to participate every 2 weeks, something like that ! 

Wow ! I've take an hour to write this post, just thinking about what I'll say, or rather write (^_^;). So as you can see, I'm a kind of semi-blog (^_^;) and I'm a beginner so please be kind and if I make any (grammatical) mistake please tell me !

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