Monday, July 29, 2013

New Adult Read-a-Thon Wrap Up


So the NA Read-a-thon is now over, but I enjoyed it so much, to see what others people are reading and add some new books to my TBR pile !

My Achievements

* Read at least 6 books (and I hope even more)
I read 6 books (5 novels and 1 novella) !!!

* Make some new friends (I don't really have friends who love to read as much as I do) 

I didn't really make friends but I met awesome people during this read-a-thon, especially at the Twitter Chat :D !

* Do one mini-challenge a day (or more if I can)! 
Actually I did achieve this goal, but a it's a little bit debatable, I missed a challenge on Tuesday, but the challenge I wanted to do was finally posted on Friday, and since I did both challenges on Friday, it counts, no ? :)

* Reading 2 Must Read NA, which are: 
Beautiful Disaster by Jamie McGuire 
If You Stay by Courtney Cole 
Twisted Perfection by Abbi Glines 
The Sea of Tranquility by Katja Millay 
The Edge Of Never by J.A. Redmerski  
The Secret of Ella and Micha by Jessica Sorensen

 Ok this goal is also a little bit debatable, this list is what I considered as "Must Read" in NA Genre in my TBR pile. I did read The Secret of Ella and Micha, but to me the Memories Series by Emma Hart is also a "Must Read" after reading it :)

* Do a (mini-)review for each book I'll read (yeah I'm a book blogger who've never written a review on my blog *shame on me I know*)
Oh my god, I'd never thought I would succeed in writing a review for each book I'll be reading ! *yep I'm the Goddess of Procrastination* 
Now I don't say my reviews are the best, it's still a little bit awkard and maybe repetitive but it's still have my opinion and my thoughts, so I'm quite satisfied :) 

*Participate actively at the Twitter Chat on Sunday !
 So the Twitter Chat was very interesting, I met and chat with a lot of people, there were a lot of things agreed on about NA, from bloggers and some author (Big Mention to EMMA HART, I <3 her books), I didn't participate really actively, but I did tweet a lot using the hashtag #NARead , does it counts :) ? 

So I'd like to think I succeed in (almost) all of my goals for my first Read-a-thon ever ! I really enjoyed the mini-challenges and couldn't wait to discover what were the challenges of the day :D ! If you want to see my entries for the mini-challenges, they are in my update post !

It's more personal but I'd like to add that thanks to writing reviews, I got some new words in my English vocabulary, so writing reviews is a win-win for me :)

P.S.: when I was writing this post, I found out that I've won the giveaway for the mini-challenge "Make Your Own Cover" over at Big Book Little Book !!! *happy dance* 

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